On-Line Counsellor Appointment Booking Features

On-Line Counsellor Appointment Booking
  • Enter counsellor names and descriptions.
  • Define an appointment schedule template in minutes.
  • Configure counsellor calendars.
  • Students can register for their own accounts or student data can be uploaded from a spreadsheet file.
  • Students login, select the counsellor, view individual days and book their appointments.
  • Simply click available time slots to secure the selected appointments
  • Savings in clerical time as students book appointments directly.
  • Appointment schedules can be printed or viewed on-line.
  • Counsellors save considerable time and effort.
  • Managing appointment schedules is simple.
  • Appointments made entirely on-line.
  • Counsellors can login to view their appointment schedules.
  • Manage any type of resource scheduling on-line.