On-Line Counsellor Appointment Booking

On-Line Counsellor Appointment Booking

Booking Counsellor Appointments can be easy and painless for school counsellors and students. No more booking sheets and binders. Book appointments on-line and save time and effort.

Counsellor Appointments On-line is an innovative web service for booking counsellor appointments through a user-friendly web interface. Students can book their appointments 24 hours a day from any location.

  • Counsellors and administrators save time and effort by not having to manage the appointment booking.

  • Students will be able to visually manage their appointments making the booking process simple and accurate.

  • Appointments booked entirely on-line.

  • Search for students and edit student information.

  • Send SMS messages to students.


  • Easy to setup and manage
  • Generates individual counsellor schedules
  • Very flexible


  • Easy to use
  • System available 24 hours a day to accept bookings
  • Time savings


  • Cost-effective
  • Time savings
  • Easy to manage

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